We love Real Estate and Multi-family investments. We wanted to find something different, creative, yet secured and offering relatively high returns on investment. After several months of brainstorming, we came up with the Happy Livin’ concept. We wanted to make it more than just buying the right property and renting it out. We needed more than just redesigning a building. We wanted to create a brand, an identity by which all of our properties will be recognized and known for: trendy designs, outstanding service, Happy Livin’!

Happy_Building_Rendering_EXTERIOR FINAL

Happy Livin’ all-inclusive turn-key investment offering consists in:
– Acquiring low/medium income multi-family residences and homes in up & coming areas.
– Renovate the entire property in & out with the trendy Happy Livin’ touch,
– Increase revenues by renting to more affluent tenants, essentially millennials (20-35 years old, wealthy students, young executives…), furnished or unfurnished, using our dedicated branded platform among other avenues.

Once done, we:
– Market, Rent, Manage the properties.
– Refinance to cash out early in the process,
– Increase the value of the property over the years thanks to the higher incomes, and the new look & feel.

We have developed exclusive branding, designs, processes, and know-how to manage all the critical steps: acquisition, financing, design, evictions, city permits, constructions, rentals, property management, financing…

While our first venture, Happy Building (see below) was financed with our own funds, we would now like to give a select few the opportunity to join us and invest in the growth of the Happy Livin’ portfolio of assets: multi-family residences, and homes.

Investment can be done as a traditional acquisition, or as a shareholder with a minimum ticket of $100,000.

We also open our capital / brand ownership to strategic investors who can help us create a strong brand in the furnished rental space. The goals of Happy Livin’ is to create a portfolio of assets, thru direct ownership or lease-back, with a strong and recognizable identity. While being about Real Estate, Happy Livin’ is a branding play.




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